The Easy Tilt rotator represents the most reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution designed for the civil engineering industry. During product development, we went back to our roots and set out to develop the most reliable solution on the market, and our results have been outstanding.

The compact V-shaped design of the rotator is designed to be lightweight and durable at the same time. Thanks to its low-profile design, it retains good breaking strength. In all Easy Tilt models, the hydraulic cylinders are protected, and the rotators do not include an electrical system. This also makes them ideal for hydraulic construction, where protection and reliability are paramount. The minimal maintenance requirements make Easy Tilt rotators a hassle-free and user-friendly choice.

We are also proud that Easy Tilt rotators are manufactured in Finland, and we can tailor them to our customers' needs. For example, we can offer different brand colors or beam sizes according to customer requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us for a solution that is just right for you - we are ready to meet your needs with professionalism and passion.

Easy Tilt

Guarantees a smooth excavation

The Easy Tilt tilt rotator accessory offers countless new uses for the excavator. You can work even closer to buildings and carry out a wider range of mechanical tasks. In addition, the additional features of the rotator, such as safety, efficiency and precision, ensure a smooth and successful excavation. It is well suited for hydraulic engineering due to its lack of electricity.

Easy and quick to install

Ease of installation is one of the biggest strengths of Easy Tilt. Whether professional or amateur, anyone can easily install this rotator on their own excavator, saving time and money. Easy Tilt does not require an electrical system.

Easy to move

In the design of Easy Tilt, we have also focused on removability. You can easily remove the tiltrotator if necessary, for example to replace an attachment, transfer it to another excavator or sell it on. We believe that the resale price of the product will remain very attractive, so you can be confident of a good return on your investment.